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If you’re here because you’re looking for a wedding photographer — someone to witness your love, document this monumental day in your lives, and forever capture the joy and emotion (all the feels) for you to relive years later — you're in the right place.

It's important for me to work with people who appreciate a documentary approach and creative aesthetic, people who are looking for non-traditional wedding photos, and who inspire me with their own unique style and spirit.   

I’d be honored to tell your story.

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got a date set?
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I believe you should be doing your wedding your own way. Throw the rules out the window.
Forget those silly old traditions that don't feel right.
I create custom quotes for my clients because I value the unique concept and plan you have for your wedding -- custom coverage allows me to really work with you and create something that tells your story, fits your budget, and gives us both room to be ourselves.
Typically, weddings will range from $1200 for a few hours on a weekday, to over $5000 for a destination weekend in the thick of primetime summer.


I'd love to meet up over a beverage, or on the phone if you’re not local to Northern Michigan (beverages still encouraged), to talk about your day! 

I will create a custom quote within 12 hours of our conversation so you can get the ball rolling.