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Industrial Corktown and Neon Lights

It's always a blast when you get to photograph your friends. Especially when you're meeting said friend's boyfriend for the first time, camera in hand, and you can tell immediately that he is an absolute gem. 

Farrah and I have known each other since the days of classy words-on-the-ass sweatpants and butterfly clips. Twelve years ago, we met at summer camp. among those beloved pineywood hills on Lake Arbutus -- ten years ago we became closer, on a damp and chilly Alaska expedition, triumphant despite soaked gear, subsisting on licorice and dried mangos. Since then, through the dress-up dance parties, countless mosquito bites (okay we counted sometimes), British thrift stores, downpour park concerts, Brooklyn rooftop moons, tearful late-night life talks, and all else, we've carried our cameras and shared some truly unforgettable (and forgettable) experiences. Thanks for exploring the unknown with me, friend. 

Here's to you and Wally, may all your favorite dive bars never close.

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