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Modern Detroit Wedding on Belle Isle

Modern Detroit Wedding on Belle Isle.

The Belle Isle Conservatory? I'd never been, or even heard of it, but I immediately pictured somewhere lush, leafy, and green -- a glass-paned walls, stone pathways winding around giant, exotic cacti and birds of paradise sort of place. The thing is, I wasn't wrong.

Kari and Kelly told me that they chose this spot because it felt true to their adventurous and outdoor-loving roots. A natural sanctuary amongst the grit of the city, Belle Isle offered a mix of textures: from spiny desert plants to the elegant glass dome of the conservatory, and just down the path an old timber-framed dining hall perched at the edge of a calm, willow-lined riverbank. At sunset, we piled into their little car and drove to the far end of the island (full dislcosure, it wasn't very far) and hiked up into a grassy wildflower field (my favorite) to catch that golden glow as the sun dipped down into Canada across the river.

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