Catskill Mountains Summer Engagement


I met up with Augusta and Alec in Phoenicia, a small town nestled in the Catskill Mountains, just a few hours drive following the Hudson River north from New York City. It’s crazy what just a few hours can do to the landscape here. Spiraling up and out of the concrete jungle into lush full greenery, the traffic subsides as suburban sprawl makes way for tall pines and the natural undulation of hilly terrain takes over for the rollercoaster ride of city bridges and tunnels.

I’m not a city dweller. For me, the New Yorker’s weekend escape is a coming home. For Augusta and Alec, Phoenicia is too. A place of solace and calm, a farmhouse steeped in family stories and layers of memories, a river to dip toes, a bonfire pit to harmonize around, a screen door to let slam.

On this hazy humid Sunday we added some new memories to the heap. Augusta and Alec are gettin’ married up near here next spring, and I absolutely cannot wait to capture it.

Hallie KohlerComment