Historic Martha's Vineyard Wedding


An Historic Martha's Vineyard Wedding.

A sweet and salty fish-smell that can only mean an ocean filled my nose as I neared closer to the Massachusetts coast, about an hour and a half south of Boston. I'm a child of freshwater -- the ocean takes on a magical otherworldliness every time I visit. This ferry was industrial and oceanic. I drove right on board, and as we set off my car windows were starting to pick up a misty, fine-grit. Letting forth a deep vibrating note every few minutes, the boat (or maybe I should say ship) cleared the fog and I caught my first glimpse of Martha's Vineyard. Boats. Lots of boats. Sailboats, artfully crafted -- some unassuming, some elaborate -- mostly all made of wood. This is a place with history.

(Side note: my Google search for a "brief history of Martha's Vineyard" informed me that no history of this place is brief. I'm sub-par at paraphrasing, so I'll let you do your own research.)

So back to this story. 

This is a story about Matt and Torie, a story of their love and their incredible ability to bring people together. They chose Grange Hall on Martha’s Vineyard, a historic place of gathering, to host this celebration — a gathering to top all of their past porch grill parties and holiday soirées. As vineyard emerged out of a thick fog on the ferry ride over,  that first sight of the glittering harbor and a sunny cottage-speckled island felt like a dramatic reveal suited to the magical festivities that were about to ensue. A lively mood and family-style vibe defined this September wedding weekend. Kicking off with rosé and oysters on the half-shell, Matt and Torie hosted a convivial rehearsal dinner party in a grand old shingle-style house overlooking the misty bay. The following day, accompanied by a funky and soulful jazz band (friends from home in Brooklyn) and the mouth-watering smell of a pig roast in the adjacent gravel parking lot, they exchanged heartfelt vows, shared a tasty meal and joined friends and family on the boisterous dance floor.



Second Shooter: Zack Arp

Florist: Tea Lane Farm 

Desserts: Dolci di Franci

DJ/Band: The Paul Wilson Jazz Ensemble

Hair/Makeup: done by the bride

Catering: Smoak BBQ & Rosewater Market & Cottage City Oysters

Gown: Sarah Seven

Shoes: Stuart Weisman

Jewelry/Rings: Eliza Page Jewelry 

Men's Attire: Suit Supply

Invitation Design: Hannah Bardwell

Planner: Megan Leonard Productions

Officiant: Ava Bastian


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