Intimate Lake Superior Wedding


Intimate Lake Superior Wedding

Mother Superior, we call her. The greatest of the Great Lakes, and by great I not only mean fantastic but also deepest, widest, wildest and wildly humbling. Stand on her shores, dip toes, skip stones, and watch the sunlight flicker and fade. A long summer day’s heat and enough bravery and you’ll plunge in headlong, surfacing to gasp for breath and let out the kind of jubilant shout that means “the water is absurdly cold but I’ve never felt more alive.”

I met Jaelle and Austin on one such summer day. It was the longest of the summer days, in fact. They gathered their families together to stand on the Superior Shore as they swapped promises and squeezed hands and felt the sun, warm on bare arms and black rocks beneath bare feet, bouncing back with exuberance off the glossy surface of the water.

Once it was all official and everyone had been hugged and was on their way back to town, I pulled out a few beers I’d been keeping cold and the three of us sat down to wait for the best light. This is the best part of my job. We laughed and told stories and swatted mosquitoes around a wooden weather-worn picnic table, as though they always wore wedding clothes when we hung out, this was nothing strange at all. At last, this was the solstice afterall, the golden light peeked out through the pines and we ducked back out to the shore.

In Marquette, the sun sets at 9:48pm on the Summer Solstice. Blue hour lasts until almost 11, we soaked up every minute of that lingering light.

Hallie KohlerComment