Wild and Windy Canary Islands


Wild and Windy Canary Islands

The Wolves Workshop - Styled Shoot

La Graciosa, Canary Islands, Spain

The Wolves Workshop continually presented me with a rare sort -- incredibly accomplished, yet humble, real folks. Photographers whom I admire and aspire to, both as artists and genuine people. From the wealth of information I've (hopefully) absorbed in that full week, the biggest thing I've taken home with me is a renewed faith in creative communities and a desire like I've never had to surround myself with these people everyday.

Gracias por tu vida. Thank you for your life.



Couples: Eva Ridocci & Kilian Piñeronso, Miriam Medina & Eduardo Rodriguez / Dress: Aurelia Gil / Menswear: ROES 1957 / Makeup: Maquillaje Las Palmas / Flowers: Arriate Flores

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