Lush Backyard Florida Wedding



They got married in the mangroves in her Aunt's backyard.

They got married in the mangroves in her Aunt's backyard. We walked the wide expanse of beach afterward, white sand squeaking under our bare feet. Full to the brim with emotion, Christine and Mitchell's wedding brought family and friends from across the country to stand shoulder to shoulder and feel all the feels as tears and vows and hugs and songs were exchanged. 

This wedding was a combined effort of everyone close to the couple, and everyone really pitched in to make it unique. From family homes to family food -- an uncle single-handedly prepared the entire buffet (plenty of vegan options!) and several vegan cakes -- to family providing the live music.  As Christine approached the altar her sister switched her guitar tune to perform an emotional family song, this was the same song their great-grandma sang in their aunt and uncle's wedding, and it has been a tradition since. 

Mingling under twinkle lights and a cool December breeze, this full-hearted and rowdy group cried and laughed some more, downed some homemade liquor that tasted strikingly like Apple Pie, and celebrated the union of two of their favorite humans.


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