Moonscape Michigan Dunes Engagement



Ever since I visited White Sands, New Mexico, I've been dreaming of shooting on such a purely minimalist backdrop again. I got lucky and stumbled upon the Silver Lake Dunes -- just a couple hours south of my house. IN THE MIDWEST. Get outta town, I know. Let me show you.

From the parking lot, all you can see is a very steep sandy slope -- wood stairs just barely peeking out of the sand, which is threatening to overtake the nearby homes too. Taryn, Brandon and their black lab Mila hike up to the top with me -- we are greeted by a vast expanse of seemless, soft sand. Endless. Off to the right, over a few more dunes, the hum and roar of off-road vehicles is just audible. Ok so maybe it's not quite serene, but a moonscape nonetheless.

Hallie KohlerComment