Woodsy Backyard Wedding


The weather was on the brink of everything, my personal favorite forecast, and the air felt thick and settled with an eerie, looming calm. 

I'm sure you've heard that common saying about a wedding-day rainstorm bringing good luck.

This is of course just an attempt at consolation from a well-meaning officiant or relative when an uncontrollable weather event throws your precise and labored-over plans to the wind. This is not what I tell my clients. Rain, I think, brings out some really genuine emotion. You laugh harder, cry more freely, and dance without holding back in broad daylight when it rains. Really though, this only works because I am lucky enough to work with couples like Alivia and Sam who embrace spontaneous weather like they seem to with life -- full of optimism and passion, love, and lighthearted joy. We celebrated the heck out of the stormy sky and intermittent sunshine, the rough and mystical waters of Lake Michigan a perfect backdrop to windblown and tearful vows. 

Hallie KohlerComment