New Year's Eve Wedding in a Brooklyn Warehouse


New Year's Eve Wedding in a Brooklyn Warehouse

Our exhales hung in the air; each a motionless puff of white threatening to freeze. 

We woke the morning of New Years Eve to a cold so deep that it hurt your insides and every black-coated bundle on the street hurried with hunched shoulders from one warm entry to the next. It was time for a wedding in down in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and time to layer on the socks. 

I'd invited a fellow photographer and filmmaker to make the trip out to New York City with me, and not only was it nice to have someone to share the Swedish Fish and Combos at 2am on the Pennsylvania Turnpike with, but he was also going to shoot 35 film stills alongside me at the wedding: super-second-shooter-status. 

Steph and Ava donned jackets over their dresses and braved the chill at a street corner to grasp hands and take a deep breath before the excitement of the ceremony and the New Years Party that lay ahead. Heartfelt vows and words from friends were followed by a full spread of Brooklyn-style pizza and ice cream sandwiches for desert. We all rang in the New Year appropriately confetti-covered and wielding corner-store party poppers and glittery paper crowns. Music thumping into the frigid night, the brick-walled warehouse space kept this party warm and alive well into the early hours.

Thanks for the best New Year's Eve plans I've ever made, an unforgettable celebration, and for sharing your day and your love with me!